The College of Foreign Languages was established within Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University in 1954.  Earlier it used to function as a separate subdivision of the College of Philology and was known as the College of Romance-Germanic Philology.

The study process at the college is provided by 4 departments training adept graduates that major in the following programmes: Bachelor (6.020303  – “Philology” and “Translation”), Specialist (7.02030302 і 7.02030304 – “Philology” and “Translation “), Master (8.02030302 and 8.02030304)  “Foreign language and Literature” (English, German, French) and “Translation” (English-Ukrainian, German-Ukrainian, French-Ukrainian). The college also includes two departments that provide theoretical and practical courses in foreign languages for PhD students as well as the students of other 11 colleges and 2 institutes of the university. These are the departments of foreign languages for the colleges of natural sciences and humanitarian sciences respectively.

The contents of the training programmes for Bachelors of Philology, Specialists of Philology, lecturers in major and second foreign languages and Masters of Philology correspond with the state standard of educational and professional programmes and the respective training plans.





Department of Foreign Languages for the Colleges of Natural Sciences (Head of Department – Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate professor Olena Maniutina) started functioning in September 1976 and in December 1977 due to the order issued by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine it was defined as the exemplary department for 12 educational institutions of the western region. Because of the increase in the number of students and lecturers respectively the department was divided into two separate subdivisions in 1983. So, today there are two separate departments, namely the Department of Foreign Languages for the Colleges of Natural Sciences and Department of Foreign Languages for the Colleges of Humanitarian Sciences.

Since 1990 the department has been the part of several structural units of the college and the university, but later two above mentioned departments were founded and headed by Professor V. Kushneryk and Professor O. Oguy respectively.